Sheltowee (meaning Big Turtle) was the name given to Daniel Boone when he was adopted into the Shawnee Tribe as the son of the great War Chief, Blackfish.

Sheltowee Farm is a family owned and operated business.  Owned and operated by second generation horseman, Mike Evans along with his wife, Marsha.  Mike's reputation in the horse industry is exceptional.  Keeping in the family tradition, the farm is managed by his two sons, Michael and Travis.

Mike grew up in the horse industry in the footsteps of his father, James Earl Evans who worked many years in the horse industry.  Mike grew up on Spendthrift Farm learning all the aspects of the industry.  His sons, Michael and Travis are now third generation horsemen.  Growing up like their father in the industry are now following in his footsteps.

Sheltowee Farm is truly a family business.

image by Marsha Evans


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